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Re: Rapid weightloss?

100% Zone-Paleo (or just Zone) or have you cheated once or twice in there?

(Great results!)
Samantha - Thanks! I'm gonna call it 85-90% paleo. My diet is pretty basic: eggs, bacon, fruit, veggies, meat, salad, cheese.

And yes, I have cheated a few times - pizza and ice cream on my birthday, three bowls of cereal, and a massive steak burrito

Great job Tom, what specifically did you do to lose that much weight?
Marty - Thanks to you, too! See above. Plus, I go at the absolute max my body can handle when I do the WODs, however humble that may be.

... the search function on these boards will dial you in to many threads opened on Paleo choice foods.
Yeah, what Harley said.
"Sometimes, lying on the floor is its own reward." - Jon Gilson (wfs)
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