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Re: Have people seen this?

Originally Posted by Jason Fischer View Post
What happens if/when people from outside of the US win? For example, in Canada:

"To bring a restricted firearm into Canada you must obtain an Authorization to Transport permit (ATT) in addition to the Non-resident Firearm Declaration or PAL. This must be obtained in advance from the Chief Firearms Officer of the province where the firearm will be going, or where it will be crossing the border."

I believe most handguns are classified as restricted firearms up here. I'm sure there are countries out there with more restrictions?
Perhaps they get $$ vs the gun if they don't want the gun.

As a guy who learned as a kid to shoot and started training my kids to shoot with a cricket 22 at 5 & 6 years old I don't see the issue knowing crossfire background and love of the military. Sure some people have issues. Others don't.

My friends from Israel can't imagine not having fun training. Over there your life could be called upon to defend your country at a moments notice. They don't have the robberies and what not we have here because every shop owner is packing and trained on how to shoot.

My friends from Africa (I do lots of missions there) can't believe how people are here. They said if our military would handle people like theirs do back home (shoot live rounds, clean up afterwards) we would have less issues with petty thugs doing riots and damage.

My buddies in Colombia wish they could have a gun. When the jungle commandos come down, raid your village and kill take what they want and the army is never there, you wish you had some way to protect yourself other than a machete.

Sadly in the US we pull out our camera and record everything vs helping because that's the kind of nation we turned into..

I speak this after being a member during the time the shooting took place at
My church Wedgwood in Fort Worth in 2000. I wish one of us with a fire arm had been present. Perhaps one life at least could have been saved from a crazy man...
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