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Just looking for some feedback as to when I should start ring dips with my boys ( mainly 9-10, though in time I could have as young as 6 or 7 ). Right now, the top 2 can hold for 20-40 sec parallel slight turn out. However, their dip performance seems to be subpar. I've seen them do 2 or 3 on rings fairly poorly though they can control the rings. More so, I'm worried about damage to the chestbone in these youths. Adversely, the same sort of damage can occur in an adult I believe if done too early.

Just looking for whatever everyone else is using. I have a much better idea for adults but those individuals seem to have a higher strength base for dips ( at least the ones I considered for learning ring dips, MU ).

I'm of the opinion right now to start ring dips when they can do full ROM pbar dips in excess of 5 and after they can stabilize the rings for 20-30 seconds. Part of this is I don't want them to fail in a dip with the rings flying to the sides and having them rip apart their chestbone or damage it ( I've heard of this happening during support work with young boys in similar movements ).

I could do partial assisted BW, but they didn't seem to get the point when we have tried a few times ( I don't have jumpbands and I could get some theraband though ). I could stabilize the rings or spot them ( which I might and do when learning supports or presses), but I'm hoping dips are something I can go send them to do on their own be it regular, rings, or partial BW dip progressions or simply pushups.

Thanks, all.
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