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Re: Albany CrossFit Workout Log

1. Did the 400m runs on the treadmill. Didn't keep time, but did all 4 quarters between 7.0 and 7.5mph, took 2 strict 2 minute rests. Felt good!

2. Did 3 1000m rows with short rests, all under 4:30, I think.

3. Worked on OH press, push-press and jerk. Used the unweighted 45 lb. bar and I felt pretty good. I think the form workshop helped a lot. (Thanks, Jason!)

I'm doing an experiment: I'm going to do strict Zone for all the meals we eat at home. (We usually eat out twice a week, and those meals I will eat Paleo--except for my splurge of 1 glass of red wine.) I'm going to do this until Christmas and see what happens. I'm choosing to eat 11 Zone blocks because I want to lose a bit more bodyfat.

I have been eating pretty much paleo as is....but now I'm adding the Zone quantities to the mostly paleo foods I consume.

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