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Re: Albany CrossFit Workout Log

Originally Posted by Jason Ackerman View Post

Diane as rx'd 10.41 - 2.5 minutes off last time, with deeper HSPU

Nice work Susie, Jess, and Dave - Sue your time was 11.14

Also, congrats to Sue and Greg for completing the skeleton crew!
Nice improvement on Diane, Jason!

That reminds me, gotta go claim my right to purchase a stupid Skeleton Crew T-shirt. What some people won't do............

spin class x 60 min.
Jason's workout: Lunges down the hallway, sprint back.
21/15/9 GHD situps, pullups, pushups each set followed by
those damned lunges and sprint.
I'm working on perfect pushups! Did negatives and
some on my knees. One day I'll laugh at this entry.

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