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Re: Grass fed protein powder

Well, the SFH Recovery has a bunch of stuff added that ups the cost. I still think they are making money hands over fist on price margin with it but it's schnazzy marketing. They have the ribose, CoQ10, and carnitine. Not really a lot of Carnitine, IMO. It has joint complex and apparently added isoleucine, leucine (not all that much) and taurine. A tid bit of glutamine.

You could probably go out and buy L-glutamine and Leucine and just drop it down. I would have to go experiment with ribose, CoQ10 and carnitine since it's been about 10 years since I took that stuff and I always took it preworkout rather than post.

Progenex is another that comes to mind. I'm sure it's changed it's formula at least 3x by now since it came out.

Regular Progenex Recovery uses Whey Hydrosalate while it's more Muscle blend adds BCAA's.

Both are about the same price as SFH Recovery.
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