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Re: Grass fed protein powder wfs

We kind of touched on this in that thread.

Yep, $30/lb is pretty insane. But people out there will buy it if they have the means. They will like that it doesn't use any soy lecithin (some protein powders out there use sunflower lecithin), no sweetners (great for those people sensitive to them), and the fact that it's grass-fed (which supports the whole grass-fed drive).

Just to gain some perspective, it's still cheaper than buying a carton of MuscleMilk or liquid protein at the store at $3-4 a unit. It costs $2 a serving which really isn't that bad and would be the same price as the cheapest MM generic knockoff protein drinks.

It's not the only super expensive whey protein catered to CrossFitters that has hit the market. I can't remember the name of another one but the company is owned by CF gym owner that does SealFit (not Mark Divine).

Intensity Nutrition is another that comes to mind. Site is down as it upgrades for now but my friend orders a preworkout from them (let's face it, he loves SealFit).
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