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Bad couple of Days....

Well, yesterday was the 3rd and I was on shift. We wound up switching out both units in the station, the Engine and Rescue... and was simply too worn out by the time it was "Workout Time" to do anything. I figure swapping out the pumper and all of its equipment will have to suffice as my WOD. Between 5 gal cans of F500 foam, Extrication Equipment, SCBAs, etc, I lifted quite a bit of weight...

Today, the 4th I have a kink in my neck, so another day will go without a proper WOD. Just going to go with my wife and take the baby for a nice long walk.

The biggest thing I need to do is get my diet dialed in. Between shift and stuff going on at home, it seems impossible to actually "Plan" meals in advance. I know its like spitting into the wind, "You can't outrun your fork" and all, but I'll continue to stick to the WODs as best I can and try to be cleaner in my eating.
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