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When bench pressing I noticed that the muscle mass is primarily thru the center part of the pectoralis muscle (sternal portion). It is also "required" to do an incline and a decline press to stress the full pec. During "Jason" the other day I performed jumping bar muscle ups for the first time. (I don't have rings and haven't been able to get a bar muscle up, I figured the jump added to a WOD would help me on my way) I noticed after the workout that the upper part of my pec (clavicular portion) was sore and I wondered what about that exercise could have caused that. Well I examined the action of the dip portion of the muscle up and noticed that the clavicular portion of the pec was perpendicular to the action (can create the greatest amount of torque) at the bottom of the dip segment. I have never done full ROM dips and had stopped with my elbow's at 90 degrees. (I have stopped doing that with squats the past few months and have enjoyed it thus far). Now my question is, do any of you believe that the dip can be seen as a better exercise than the bench press? You can move a lot of weight with a bench press, but it seems that the dip would be a far greater functional exercise. This is mostly a philosophical question, but I think they're the most enjoyable anyway.
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