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Re: Some advice for my wife please.

Also remember with us women monthly hormonal changes effect weight as well. Additionally you may be wise to both limit fruit to 1-2x daily and upping other carb sources to dark green veggies--ie spinach, kale, collards, broccoli and the like. I tend to put on weight with fruits and get a sugar high/crash but veggies are high in fiber while still being a carb!! I also limit the "carbier" veggies or avoid them totally--ie carrots, winter squash, yams etc.
But thats me and I am anal about my food intake...
Best of luck and if you have any further questions, ask away thats what we are here for. But it would be wise to create a fitday log for both you and your wife to really get a good look at your daily intake! That would also help others that are trying to help you guys!
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