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Alexander Karatis
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Thank you for the response Derek!

I can safely say that Ive never been as excited as I am now about starting a fitness routine. As I keep my regular weight training and HIIT for the moment, just so that I can prepare for Crossfit, build my knowledge base and get everything in order, I must admit that I feel some envy for you guys already well into the program!

Well, I have no doubt that this is the training for me Im just taking it easy and jumping full steam because:

A. My gyms subscription means that Ill have to make a list of the stuff that I bring with me, and plan the practicalities of everything (where to do this that and the other).

B. Ill need to find someone to show me the Olympic lifts and some of the other more technical exercises.

Routine is the enemy. I am certain of that, not only from the trust I have developed in Crossfits viewpoint, but also from personal experience. Anyway, I just hope Ill be able to do as mamny of the WODs as possible (due to practicalities again)...

Thanks a lot for the guidance guys!
(Now imagine what a Crossfit franchise of training centers would do to the fitness world!!!)
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