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Hey Alex,

Your worries are well founded and noted, and with that said trust in CrossFit!
Yes, to mixing up your routines. As a mater of fact the routine is the enemy of your workouts productivity. Your body will adapt to new stimulus (WODs), this adaptation will allow you to perform at a higher level, thus you make progress with your workouts. The catch 22 comes in when the body becomes strong enough to deal with the stimulus, then the athlete plateaus and makes little or no gains in his fitness. This CrossFit deals with this by randomly introducing new exercises and challenging the body to over come new workloads with the old exercises! We use an infinitely varied array of intervals, loads, and exercises to keep your body guessing as to what it may face next (just like in BUDS or real life), this allows for a broad rang of adaptation to occur.

Try to stay away from Running one day and Lifting the next day this will only lead to gaps in your fitness! Say you run on Monday and lift on Tuesday, and lets say you can run a 5 min mile, and you can bench press 400lbs. Sounds very impressive right, but what if you have to sprint 800 meters then bench, could your body handle this kind of exertion if you trained the running separate from your lifting? I can tell you from my own work that the answer is a resounding no! The workout of the day when approached with intensity is crippling to all who attempt it. You will have to learn how to modulate your intensity to just survive the work out, but this is just as valuable as the workout. You are going to have to learn how to do it at BUDS as well!

Alex, you will get stronger, faster, and increase you flexibility with Crossfit witch is what you need to physically succeed in BUDS. Please note some will inevitably be faster than you, some will be stronger than you, but very few will be faster and stronger than you!


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