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Alexander Karatis
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The week for preparation is something I think IŽm going to follow. I just wish I had a homy gym with everything I need inside but I donŽt.

The run (when asked to mix it with other stuff) will most definately be around the gym too. (Your approach is the only one I know that works too)...Of course, running into the gym will mean no chit-chat with the pretty girls in the front desk:-) The treadmill is a definate no-no in my case especially for HIIT runs-ThatŽs a fast track to getting injured!

I see what youŽre saying about the rings, and it seems IŽll have to be carrying more stuff with me since my gym as big as it is, doesnŽt have medicine balls, ropes, etc. IŽll have to find all the practicalities however, like what room do I do each, where IŽll be hanging the rings and rope from etc.

I suppose IŽm still a bit sceptical about attempting Olympic Lifts for the first time, or getting the attention of 200 people by bouncing a ball on the wall. (I think IŽll start bringing some music with me so I can just crank it up and zone out)

Anyway Sir, thank you for the reassurance and the advice, and I hope I can start commeting on the WODs themselves ASAP!



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