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Couple of things. First, I started a week behind the actual workout of the day. This allows me to lay out a week's worth of training and prepare for it. Prep the battlefield.

Second, as far as the running portion. Instead of running at a track or on a treadmill I got in my truck and drove around the gym marking off a 400m distance. What I do is conduct the run around the course that I have laid out and run right into the gym to the exercise equipment that I need for the lifting exercise.

As far as mixing and matching or having a gym day, track day, home day, etc I am not the best person to answer that question. One of these other guys who has been doing this a while or Coach himsel will have a better answer. I am no expert but I am sure there is some reason for the order and the combination of the exercises.

If you build yourself a set of rings build a set that is transportable that way you can carry them to the gym.

As far as the mental part you are exactly right. The more fit you are, the better shape you are in and the more prepared you are for selection it will be a lot easier mentally. You will find that the better shape you are in the less you have to tap into those mental reserves. Also, survival (aka staying healthy) is one of the other keys to passing a selection. The more functional strength and core body strength you have the less likely you are to get injured. I feel that CF will definitely help in this area. I saw a lot of the guys in my selection class who were strong in the weight room or fast on the track not make it through selection because of injuries. Before I went to selection I did a lot of the functional exercises like those in the link I provided, especially the farmers walk and the sandbag walk.


what is your take on Alexander setting a track, gym or home day, basically breaking up the wod to accomodate the facilities? any suggestions?

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