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Re: Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS

Quick thoughts in no particular order:

1. Go for it. Getting stronger is always a good idea. I wish I could have stayed on the program a little longer.
2. You will get fatter. If you do GOMAD you'll likely get a lot fatter. Deal with it or do a different program.
3. You can add 1 metcon a week after 3 weeks or so then up to 2 after 6 weeks. If recovery is a problem at all, then drop the metcons. It's a strenght program, if that's not what you want you may need to do a different program like CFFB or CFSB or some other hybrid.
4. You don't have to do GOMAD if you don't want to. Rip has said it 1x10^99 times, and still CrossFitters don't believe him for some reason. It's really weird to see people worship a guy and ignore him at the same time. GOMAD is for underweight adolecent boys. If that's you or if you don't mind gaining a lot of fat - go for it. If you are older or don't want to get a lot fatter, don't drink that much milk. Drink some, but not so much you get that fat. People say its easy to lose the fat afterwards. That's never been my experience with losing fat. When I did a SS cycle, I drank a quart or two of lowfat milk a day. I don't care that people here are against lowfat milk - I wanted the protein and not so much fat. I gained about 15 pounds in about 9 weeks (have to check the log to know for sure). Other than that, just eat a lot. Especially protien.
5. Read the Book, read the Wiki, watch the form check videos on ************, get coaching (digital or live) if you can, don't ask Rip stupid questions unless you like being made fun of.
6. Be prepared for SS to get a lot harder mentally than CrossFit. PR's every day sounds like fun until you do it. It's only fun after you finish the lifts.
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