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Re: speed ball jump ropes...worth it?


If you suck at rope jumping.... Get a thicker rope.
Thick ropes turn slower, thus giving you time to learn co ordination and timing.

Cable ropes turn the fastest, If you don't have the timing right with these ones, You will get frustrated quickly

(The) Buddy Lee System [wmv][mov] Dec 5 07
Basic Bounce, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Dec 2 07
Double-Unders, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Sept 22 07
Fixing the Basic Bounce, Part 1, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Oct 1 07
Fixing the Basic Bounce, Part 2, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Oct 8 07
Intro to the Jumprope, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Sept 12 07 <---------- watch this
Jump Rope Competition, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Dec 24 07
Jump Rope Variations, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Jan 4 08
Rope Simulation, Buddy Lee [wmv][mov] Dec 18 07
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