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Marissa Ray
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my thoughts-

avoid peanut butter. nuts are somewhat allergenic in general, pb is worse than most. you could try whole nuts, but my first advice would be to train yourself to get most of your fats from oils- olive, coconut, canola- incorporated into your regular meals. i've had some similar experiences.

consider 1.5x fat. to me, 1x fat and 2x fat seem very far apart. i usually go with 1.5x. i include more fat at a meal once in a while, probably at least once a week, but for me it seems key to focus on richer meats and good oils, rather than getting into the nuts, seeds, or pb.

also, sounds like a lot of exercise for the amount of calories. if your body is too stressed in general or experiencing too large of a calorie deficit, that can encourage the body to hold on to some extra weight. it might really help to scale back and focus your exercise routine.
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