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Re: CF WOD + CFFB Strength WOD


I know how that goes. The first affiliate I ever went to I used to do the same thing. I never wanted to miss a WOD because they all looked so fun, and I would end up going 6 days on 1 day off. It's tough, but you'll see great results by forcing yourself to rest. Richelle mentioned her cert and it's obvious she's very excited. She's been talking about the wheels being in motion for an affiliate at Elmendorf, so maybe that'll be an opportunity for her. Glad to hear you are doing well.

As far as the programming goes, there are a couple things I would change. There are a few days where you have back-to-backs of roughly the same movement. One 2 day cycle that comes to mind has 3 X 5 Press followed the next day by 7 X 1 Push Press. I would definitely alter one of those in that situation to prevent injury/overtraining. Also, one day has FGB followed by heavy deadlifts that same day. If you do that, I would suggest doing them with a lot of rest in between. FGB is an extremely taxing workout, and you are doing a lot of SDHP. Injury on heavy days most often occurs due to fatigue, especially with something as taxing and focus intensive as heavy deadlifts. So just be aware of how the workouts interact with each other and don't be afraid to throw one of them out the window that day if you aren't feeling up to it. Also, I would suggest always doing the strength WOD first. As I mentioned, injury most often occurs on heavy days because fatigue leads to a lack of focus on proper form. So keep that in mind. For the most part though I think you have a good program lined out for yourself. Keep us posted! Take care.
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