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Re: CF WOD + CFFB Strength WOD

Originally Posted by Chris Gedicks View Post
Hey Brian. How ya doing? I e-mailed John Welbourn about this and he said the programs work best done individually. However, plenty of athletes do a strength WOD and a metcon of varying length in a day. The key, as you already stated, is listening to your body. Be smart about it. Doing 1RM C&J followed by "Grace" is not a good mix. So if the WODs don't line up well, then be ready to change one of them. Eat well, drink a LOT of water, and get good sleep. Good luck!


Things are well in Iraq. My prior post pretty much sums up a response. I really have to watch myself for signs of overtraining. Back home at our box, I get "sucked" into the programming a bit too much and don't take a day off during the week because I don't want to miss a particular WOD. You guys do a great job of programming and I like the results, so I tend to push myself too far and wind up having to take more time off than I would like.

Let me know what you think of the calendar that I attached.

Take care,


PS...Richelle is registered for a level 1 in December in southern CA.
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