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Re: CF WOD + CFFB Strength WOD

Thanks for all of the feedback. I have attached a modified Aug schedule that moves the strength WODs to match a 3 on, 1 off schedule. By doing the mainsite WODs and CFFB strength WODs on the days posted, I would risk overtraining really quickly. There were only 3 pure rest days during the month and those were within an 8 day period in weeks 3 and 4. There are a few days with some back to back squats, but in-flight corrections are possible if needed.

I have looked at CFWF for their strength based program. I read the article and like its viewpoint, but I could not find the WODs. I see the daily WOD on thier website, but did not appreciate a huge strength bias to the WODs. Correct me or redirect me, if I am wrong.

As to just doing CFFB solely, I still like the style of the mainsite WODs as far as the Metcon length and intensity. CFFB DWODs focus more on explosive, short duration WODs for football and other related sports. I like the GPP nature of CF WODs and feel that they serve me best in my military career. Adding some good, focus heavy strength days should help me boost my overall performance and help me for next years NW qualifier!

Finally, I will be taking over one of our CF classes at my deployed location in Iraq. Since I am not strong at programming and do not have a cert yet, I want to keep the mainstay of my classes to the mainsite WOD and add the strength WOD for myself and others that desire it who are competent/proficient with the WODs already. Currently, we have two level 1 trainers that will provide some "train the trainer" time before they leave to make sure that the non-cert class leaders are competent.


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