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CF WOD + CFFB Strength WOD

I am contemplating incorporating the CF Football strength WOD into my CF WODs. I compiled all of the August WODs and the CFFB Offseason Amateur Strength WODs to see how difficult the program would be. There are weeks were the rest days for both match up, but then others to where they don't. I feel that if I listen to how my body is feeling and force myself to cut out a WOD/SWOD and create a full rest day or two that I would be able to stick with the program. My main goal is to continue the WODs but build strength at the same without having to create a strength program on my own (own of my historical fitness downfalls....).

Personal info: Crossfitting since Dec 08, regular 5-6x per week, lost 25 lbs since Nov 08, Excellent (93.75) AF PT test in May 09, two half-marathons this year, CF NW Qualifier.


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