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Re: Glen Becks $9 online university 9 classes

Originally Posted by Antonio Roca View Post
How about this against Beck and his university? Slightly better than an ad hominem.

1. An education ought to come from an unbiased source.
2. If an education comes from a biased source, it isn't rational to believe the source.
3. Glenn Beck is blatantly biased.
4. His university has three faculty members, who are also biased.
5. Therefore, it isn't rational to believe Glenn Beck or his faculty and you ought not get an education from them.

Of course, you could say everyone is biased, so why believe anyone? Why trust an education from another university? Well, other universities have the actual academia culture, which internalizes the costs of biased arguments and benefits of having unbiased arguments (ruined career for biased argument, money for research for good one). Much of what they teach is the result of this culture which seeks to mitigate (if not obliterate) bias. This requires many different individuals (each biased in their own way of course) for the whole process to work. Beck's university is too small for this to work.
If you think there is any such thing as an "unbiased education" then -- what can I say? -- you are woefully ignorant. A bias is simply a viewpoint, perspective, underlying philosophy. Every person and every institution has them.

Controlling purse strings with an institutional culture does not guarantee good results. In fact, it virtually guarantees corruption and the stifling of academic freedom.
Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! God Bless America.

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