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Re: Potentially stupid question...

Originally Posted by Stephanie Williamson View Post
I don't think I could ever become as skinny as a runway/cover model, nor would I want to. I just want to be healthy and look AND feel good, so what I'm getting from everyone's responses is that CF is the way to go. I've definitely noticed a change since I've started, which is encouraging.
Besides, I enjoy some 'bad' foods too much to obsess about how I look or every little thing that I'm putting in my mouth, though I do try to eat cleanly everyday. Some days, it just doesn't happen for every meal though. I figure, as long as I'm not competing (which I'm not and won't be), I'd rather enjoy life every now and again and eat that brownie or take a day off.
Stick thin and weak is ugly. I'm about as shallow-minded a man as you get, and the photos of runway models and anorexic-looking photoshopped/airbrushed cover girls just make me disgusted.

You're always competing. Against yourself. Against your friends. Usually after a few months of CF women all of a sudden realize it's fun and cool to be strong and healthy and be able to do stuff they've never thought themselves capable of before, i.e. pullups.

Originally Posted by Stephanie Williamson View Post
No that made a lot of sense. I do want to feel good and I've noticed a difference since I've started CrossFit. Admittedly, when I started, looks were my main motivation, but now that I've been doing it for a little bit, I find myself striving to do better for the performance aspect rather than the looks aspect. Besides, pushing myself with CF and eating well just makes me feel better in general, so I'll be sticking to it!

Thanks for the response!
It's fun to be healthy, strong and confident, huh? Kick butt!
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