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Re: Want to see my abs!

Tamara- I'm intrigued by the notion that NOT doing tons of cardio and simply (although not really simple) lifting heave sh*t is the way to shed stubborn excess weight as it goes against pretty much everything I have ever been taught. That being said, the way that I was taught doesn't work. I'm 5'5 about 140-145 and I don't know what my body fat% is but my lifts have improved dramatically. Some that I know off the top of my head..

DL - 235
BS- 180
Press - 80

I can do 3 pullups in a row (a big thing for me haha)

I am interested in doing some heavy lifting in the morning which gives me adequate time to replenish before the wod @ 6pm. So what would you recommend? I'm new to this so, for instance:

Mon- Max DL
Tues - Max Push press
Wed - Max back squat

etc, etc? on a 2 week cycle or then progress to 3x max. I looked into SS and I guess I could just follow that program, I just wanted your input because you look like you know what your doing and what your doing seems to work
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