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Bodyweight Workout Resource v2.0

After 11 months, it is time for a newer version of the Comprehensive Bodyweight Workout List. It's not drastically different than the previous one. But it's in a more attractive format, I've added a few workouts, some suggestions, tips, and tidbits which might be useful for people who go long periods without equipment.

Here is the table of contents:

(a) Classic CrossFit benchmarks....2
(b) Metcons, no equipment required....3
(c) Metcons, pullup bar required....6
(d) Metcons, rings and pullup bar required....10
(e) Metcons, jump rope, bar, and rings required....13
(f) Skills and strength work with bodyweight....14
(g) Running workouts....15
(h) Endurance challenges....17
(i) Scaling suggestions....20
(j) List of possible bodyweight exercises....21
(k) Credits and links to more resources....23

I'll post separate PDFs for the various sections later after I get some feedback and see if anyone finds mistakes or has suggestions. I'm looking for ideas to make this better, so please post them.

The document is work/family safe. There are links at the end of the document, though they may or may not be wfs.
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