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Re: Tabata squats, single round or multiple?

Originally Posted by Carl Glenn View Post
Got the idea from CFJ 9-1-02, The Garage Gym article.

"If you only had a bar and a place to do pull-ups you could do an acceptable variant of the CrossFit Program. With this minimal
amount of equipment you could do deadlifts, squats, push-press, push-ups, cleans, and pull-ups. In fact the minimalist/low-budget
approach to our program is to do deadlifts and Tabata Squats on day one, push-press and push-ups day two, and cleans and pullups
day three and rest day four. Repeat. In minimalist/low-budget mode we derive our metabolic conditioning from running and
jumping rope. You could get amazing results on this regimen."
I think what they meant was do a strength session like 5x5 deadlifts at max effort, then do 1 round of Tabata squats going for highest score. That will be enough for one day.
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