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Re: Tabata squats, single round or multiple?

Got the idea from CFJ 9-1-02, The Garage Gym article.

"If you only had a bar and a place to do pull-ups you could do an acceptable variant of the CrossFit Program. With this minimal
amount of equipment you could do deadlifts, squats, push-press, push-ups, cleans, and pull-ups. In fact the minimalist/low-budget
approach to our program is to do deadlifts and Tabata Squats on day one, push-press and push-ups day two, and cleans and pullups
day three and rest day four. Repeat. In minimalist/low-budget mode we derive our metabolic conditioning from running and
jumping rope. You could get amazing results on this regimen."

I have an Olympic weight set (albeit a cheap one), a doorway pullup bar (makes kipping very difficult) a jumprope, and a place to do proper dips. I dont have internet access at the house and my only window to work out is in the morning so doing the current WOD is another hurdle but Im hoping to get to a day behind after a little conditioning. Now Im just trying to arm myself with enough knowledge to get started without hurting myself or overexerting to an injurious extent.

So a single round of Tabata is adaquate seems to be the takeaway.
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