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I saw that article as well. “Many of us may still feel like we’re 20, but we’re not 20,” she said. “Men come into my office with ruptured Achilles’ tendons or muscle tears because they insist on doing the same things they did when they were much younger.”

This really bugged me, and coming from a doc, too. This stuff happens becuase they insist on doing the same things they did without doing any of the prep work to do it, which seems to become more important as we age. In the adult league sports that I see, so many people use the league games as their GPP that it's no wonder that people get hurt. Once you put in competition, it's hard to slow down even when your body says you should. Then POP!, there goes the hamstring (been there, done that). How many people use their weekend warrior sports and leagues as their main (or only) exercise?

I've found the best way to overcome a lack of skill in a sport in these rec leagues is to be fit. This lets you hustle the whole game and makes you seem twice as fast or skilled in the second half when so many others are tripping over their tongues hanging out of their mouths.

The games themselves are not the place to be hoping to get fit. My hamstrings agree with that.
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