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Re: Potentially stupid question...

Originally Posted by Debra Rae Doyle View Post
How do you measure 'look good naked' as a goal without obsessing in front of a mirror and when you can only see what your state of mind allows you to see? But if your goal is an objective performance measurement, this is something you can see clear progress, the numbers don't get distorted in your eyes and you can always work at improving it.
This. Women in particular often have *huge* body image issues, even though objective observers will tell them they look fabulous. If you think "look good naked" means you have to look like a (photoshopped, chemically and surgically enhanced) cover model, then you're very unlikely to ever get there, and frighteningly likely to inflict all kinds of physical and/or psychological damage along the way.

But if you want to compete in the Crossfit Games, well... go back and read what some of the male posters think about how those women look.

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