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Re: Potentially stupid question...

Originally Posted by Debra Rae Doyle View Post
I think for most people, getting leaner and carrying more muscle will improve looks, assuming of course a fairly athletic standard of what looks good. Not everyone shares that assumption, obviously.

I think there comes a time in your training however when the focus on being lean becomes at odds with the quest for strength but at that point you probably already look better than you did before you started.

My looks have changed a lot and I think they've improved but as I get stronger my body is moving outside the usual beauty standard with growing biceps and traps and a waistline that is thickening and I have had to make a choice.

The trouble with training only for looks, IMO, is when you reach your goals of fat loss and muscle gain, the only thing left is maintenance and there is no challenge or inspiration and very little motivation to just stay the same. With women there are other challenges to being motivated by looks because of the relationship with a woman's identity and her appearance making objective measurement of success or the meeting of a goal very difficult.

How do you measure 'look good naked' as a goal without obsessing in front of a mirror and when you can only see what your state of mind allows you to see? But if your goal is an objective performance measurement, this is something you can see clear progress, the numbers don't get distorted in your eyes and you can always work at improving it. Personally, I lose my drive and can't succeed at something if I don't get the positive feedback of progress of some form or another and working for looks just doesn't provide that in my experience.

Sorry for the ramble! But I hope it makes sense. I've gone back and forth training for performance and for looks and this is my personal conclusion.
This post is awesome! I struggle with this so much. I have heard, "chase performance and body comp will follow" but its really hard.
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