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Post workout effects on hearing sensitivity.

After a good hard & intense workout I have noticed that sometimes my hearingís sensitivity levels have actually increased to the point of being more acute. I was wondering if anyone else has notice this. For about an hour or two depending on the workout intensity level, my head feels like it is still flowing with the same sensation of blood flow. I donít know if this is due to the blood loss to oxygen level exchange as the body is correcting itself during the post workout period, but it is interesting how this happens at times. I donít drink and never had direct experience with intoxication but is this sort of like how it is with people on the morning after when their hearing sensitivity level is way off the chart?

I found this one link that interestingly enough sort of explained this effect. To be specific it is indeed during the post workout period of a cycling exercise program where I seem to feel this the most. FYI: I am currently training for a duathlon and I am cycling a lot more often than before as part of my training regiment.
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Note: I am not in pain or anything like that; I just find this effect interesting. I would like to hear some more data on this. If someone could break it down to a more understandable language for me that would be great. I,m no idiot but so far what I have been finding on line is waaaaaay to high level, almost like reading a medical journal for post PHD graduates.
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