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Re: Introducing Girlfriend

If your into crossfit and she is a gym rat then you have got a big head start on a lot of folks. Try convincing your significant other they should even start to workout, now thats a touchy subject!

What I would recommend is instead of focusing on facts and results, which mean little to many people until they witness them for themselves. You try and focus and focus on some of the other aspects about your significant other doing crossfit with you. The 2 that come to mind off the time of my head are time savings and time spent together.

If she can get in an effective workout in less time than she is now, that should be a check in the positive column for xfit. If you guys can workout together then thats a plus as well since its more time together.

Her soreness will subside quite a bit as she gets used to the xfit syle workouts but that wont happen if she doesnt at least give it a try. See if she will just commit to giving it 3 months and withold final judgement until that time. Let the results speak for themself.