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Re: What Would Greg Do?

C&J up to 90kg x3 x3
Back squat 95kg x10 x4 (four sets of ten)
Clean pull 95kg x5x4

WOD: 5x (40 double unders, 40 situps) - 12:55

Max rds in 20 mins: Trail run 600 m or so, 25 pushups, 25 kb swing 16 kg
4 rds. Didn't push - enjoyed Wekiva springs!

Power snatch up to 55 kg
Sn. High pull from hang
Drop sn+ OHS up to 55

WOD: Five rds for time
10x Pullup w/weighted vest @ 20 lbs
10x GHD situps w/vest
8:41 - kicked my *** (and abs!)
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