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Can someone help me with this?
I recall reading in a former post that with the zone diet a person could eat fewer calories, than a typical diet (50% carbs, 30%fat, 20% protein) and see the same results as far as muscle gain is concerned. Is this correct? Can someone explain this?
I recently figured out how many calories I should be eating according to a formula that takes height, weight, age, and activity level into consideration (6'5", 215 lbs., 9% body fat). It said that I should be consuming at least 3,700 calories. I have seen some posts of people as big or bigger than I am, but they are eating fewer calories, (just over 2,000 calories). How many calories or blocks should I be consuming throughout my 5 feedings? I have been eating 5 times and geting roughly 220 g protein, 500 g carbs, 50 g fat (2,300 calories).

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