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Ben Kaminski
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I do the WOD every day, and last month I started 2 hours of BJJ each monday and wednesday. I eat lower carb than I should, but I drink lots of water throughout the day. With carbs, it seems like it's either 5 cups of green leaves for a 5 block meal, or a couple pieces of fruit. I don't like eating so much fruit (makes me feel slower) and I can't eat that many leaves in one sitting without gastric repercussions, so I often don't get all the carbs that I should. I want to learn more about the glycogen stores you mentioned, I have heard about them before here and never read more about that subject. I'll do some more reading.

I take usually take ZMA at night because I notice a big difference in sleep quality with it. Also, it's a challenge to maintain 9+ hours per night (I am reading Lights Out right now). I would love to be able to sleep that much/well, but I try to have a life outside of work and even in addition to Crossfit (it's tough!). I expected some overtraining with the addition of BJJ, but I want to increase my work capacity, so I figured I would just keep on trucking.

Thanks for your interest!
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