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Cliff, that 100 cal/min rate must be for the duration of a heavy set, not the average for the workout! Ultimately your aerobic capacity is going to limit the average rate of expenditure for the workout to something much lower than this. The actual rate is going to vary tremendously, depending on things like exercise selection, lactate threshhold, poundages, rest between sets, a million variables.

Calculating glycogen depleted is also going to be nearly impossible. Even if you find a chart that says this activity is x% glycolyitic, y% oxidative, z% phosphagen, the numbers will be estimates or averages, different people will burn at different rates, and the same person will burn at different rates on different days, depending on diet, metabolic adaptations, hormone levels, again a million variables.

I'm sure that anyone who wants to can eat enough carbs to replenish glycogen. As a rule you can eat a lot faster than you can run. I have used cyclic ketogenic diets and I found that one day of eating like they're shooting me at dawn was more than I needed to replenish carbs.

I think we are stuck with crude measures, just keeping tabs on blood sugar, performance, and body comp. to determine how much carb is enough.
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