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Paul Kayley
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I agree with you Robb. The body is very efficient at absorbing and storing unused energy..... any of the nutrients absorbed (absorption rate will vary depending upon many intestinal factors, including size, health, enzyme density, bacterial density, etc...we're all different) and in the blood stream will be stored at varying rates depending upon hormonal environment, current glycogen status in the liver and muscle cells, current intramuscular triglyceride stores, and so on. Basically if you over-supply in either rate or total amount the body will be forced to store as fats. 'Drip feeding' will meet all your nutrient needs best, however when recovery takes greater priority over fat-burning, it may pay to take advantage of increased insulin sensitivity during and following intense exercise. Using insulin in this way does not agree with everyone, nor does everyone agree with its practice! However, I am most interested in maximising sports performance. Anyway, as far as I am aware most evidence warning against the dangers of elevated insulin relates to people outside of the exercising or post-exercise state. Could talk more but going to sleep.....its getting late here in blighty...ZZZZZZ
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