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Cliff Stamp
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In "Fats that heal, Fats that Kill", it is stated that the rate of fat absorption in the small intestine is about 10 g per hour. Does anyone know what the rates are for the absorption of proteins and carbs? Can you simply estimate it from the fat absorption rate factoring in the difference in digestion times (5-7 hours for fats, 3-5 for proteins, 2-3 for complex carbs, 0.5 for simple ones).

I ask because I am interested in glycogen loading after resistance training. What I would like to know is how to calculate the amount of glycogen depleted and could this be restored by just the normal meals or would they not provide the nutrients fast enough. Calculating the glycogen depleted is also problematic. Any references or suggestions on how to do that. It is trivial to calculate the raw energy needed, but at what efficiency does your body obtain this, how much glycogen is used in the process.

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