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Questions about my Zone

Throwing this one out to whoever wants to answer...

I've been doing Zone now for maybe a month or so. I am a 34yo male, 5'6", 185lbs. When I did my calculations, I came out to about 23% BF, so I've been using 4-4-2-4-2 for blocks.

When I started, I was about 188-190. I've gotten down to 182 but have since been stuck between 182-185. There are definitely times when I stray when times are busy, but overall, I stick to it and bring breakfast. lunch and snacks to work and stick to it. My activity level has dropped in the last month due to lower back issues but I started back last week.

My interim goal is to get down to 170; ultimate goal would be 155.

So my questions are:

Does it seem like I'm using the correct amount of blocks?
Would the drop in activity level be the cause for currently being stuck like I am?

Any additional advice on the Zone that I didn't specifically ask is gladly appreciated.


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