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Woody Dixon
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Woody's Quest for CrossFit Excellence.

I decided to start a log on here for "public nuditys" sake, meaning that by having my training log exposed, I'll push myself, even if my training partners are busy.

Goals for 2008: Strength: 400lb Deadlift, 300lb Back Squat, 200lb Bench press, 145lb Overhead press, Strict Muscle-up. Met-con: Sub 6 minute Fran, Sub 8:00 Helen, 20 Minute Filthy Fifty. I'd also like to at least grab the rim of the basketball hoop. I'm within 2 inches right now.

I'm doing a 5 days on, 2 days off schedule currently, designed using the CrossFit Journal article on the "Theoretical Template." I plan on doing this until late February when I'll switch to Starting Strength style routine for 3 months, and then a mix of CrossFit Met-con and ME days. (I might have to switch to an intermediate program with week to week rather than workout to workout weight jumps, we'll see. I'll give the whole milk thing a try. )

I currently have a 325lb Deadlift, 250lb back squat, 150lb benchpress, and 115lb OH press. I have a sub 9 Helen, but my Fran time sucks, 10:17.

Oh, and I weigh 150ish pounds and am 5'8".
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