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Shoulder Issue

4 weeks ago, we were doing ring muscle ups as part of a WoD. After my first MU, my left shoulder muscles ached a bit; felt like they cramped up. I stretched and rolled out certain areas and it felt ok. After my second MU, I had the same feeling. Again, I stretched and rolled the muscles out a bit and did not continue to do any MUs. The WoD also included HSPUs. I attempted a few and my shoulder started to ache. I stopped all pushing movements for that day. Over the next week, I was having trouble getting into the rack position with cleans and felt the ache on the descent with presses (at about forehead level). At that point, I ceased all pressing movements through today.

I was evaluated by a sports trainer who determined that I probably overloaded the muscles of and around my shoulder (rotator cuff, bicep and tricep). It was clearly evident that these muscles (teres minor, infra, supra and subscap) were extremely tight and inflamed. Over the next 2 weeks, we worked on mobility through very deep massage and active release of the muscles, light shoulder rehab movements, and heat (little to no ice ala KStarr). I regained nearly complete mobility in all directions, except for some discomfort in certain positions. My strength is there, but not 100%.

Here's what remains: if I move my arm across my body at shoulder height and then press it in with my right hand (as in a tricep/shoulder stretch), I feel discomfort in the area where the short head of the bicep and the pectoralis connect to the shoulder - right below the deltoid. And a little discomfort in what I believe is the infraspinatus or even the short head of the tricep. If I press with weight, I feel some discomfort in the same areas.

Also, when I have my arm down by my side and then rotate my hand clockwise (so that my palm faces rear then outward), I feel a clicking in my shoulder in the deltoid area, but no pain.

I decided to have an ortho take a look. X-Rays were fine, and he was happy with my mobility and strength. However, due to the discomfort, he suggested I get an MRI if (he said big IF) I don't see a real improvement in 2 weeks. I don't want to have an MRI. I'm highly claustrophobic.

I do have a good rehab program, and the deep massage and release (although painful) seems to be working. I just want to see if anyone had a similar issue and can share their rehab experience, and see if you have any advice for building up strength and stability in order to get back to muscle ups.

Thanks in advance.
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