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Re: Video Camera Suggestion

Originally Posted by Bill Peabody View Post
What is the budget for the camera and lenses? Why do you think you want - need the 5D?

You will be mostly shooting in low light situations (in boxes) and I figure you will not want to set up lighting so the lenses you pick are going to be critical, probably more critical then the camera body, you pick to the results.

I do not shoot any video with my dslr it is too old but I shoot a fair amount if youth basketball in ambient light.

If I were you I would consider a Rebel t4i or a 60D and then put any remaining money into lenses and a good mic to use with the camera.

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Yeah I don't know much about DSLR's and all that but I have a friend thats really good at photography that had a 5D and a 1D now suggested the 5D but really doesnt know much about video recording with his DSLR. I played with the 5DM2 but really couldnt understand the whole focus thing for it. I did see some nice quality videos online that said they were shot with a 5DM2 but like I said I don't really know much about this kind of stuff.

well if i can get everything like the body, lens, mic, and stabilizing handle around 2k id be happy but i very much doubt that
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