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Re: Hi, cfit member (Bucktown Crossfit) running a kickstarter on apparel for athletic

I agree with Andrew.
I'm by no means a "big" or "swole" guy at 5'7" and 177-182#, but your shirt sizes wouldn't come close to working for me.
The Medium chest would probably work at 42", but the neck isnt close (and wouldn't be close until I got to your XL size because I have a 17" neck). And the waist of the medium through XL shirts would billow on me.

Suggestion - measure some more varied body types, especially guys that actually look a bit "swole" so that you get a better idea of what their measurements are.

PS: a lot of men around here are in need of pants that have smaller waist sizes with lots of room for our squat-developed glutes and quads/hams. It is next to impossible to find jeans for a guy with a 31" waist and 28" thighs. Do that, and you'll make a mint.
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