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Re: Jason's Workout Log


CFWU X 2 I really was ready to go after two rounds today


AMRAP in 20 min

2 muscle ups (I did kneeling muscle ups)
4 HSPUs (went to about 2" from floor)
8 2 pood KB swings (52.5 lb DB swings, heaviest I have)

9 rounds plus 2 MUs & 4 HSPUs

I did 6 round last time in 15 minutes, at the 15 minute mark today I had completed 8 rounds, shows you how much I died at the end. This WOD is brutal, I am hoping to get closer to Rx'd next time, real muscle ups, more ROM on the HSPU and I will likely stay the same on the KB swings. Looking forward to resting tomorrow.
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