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Re: Tim's Log: Road to CrossFit Games 2014

Back Squat (5RM)
38kg x5
48kg x5
58kg x5
68kg x3
78kg x3
88kg x2
98kg x2
108kg x2
118kg x1
128kg x1
135.5kg x5 PR!

Muscle Snatch (1RM of the day)
18kg x3
28kg x2
35.5kg x1
40.5kg x1
45.5kg x1 PR!
50.5kg x0, 2x fail

Snatch (2RM of the day)
38kg x3
48kg x2
55.5kg x2
60.5kg x2 PR!

Had an epic fail moment on my next attempt. Wanted to do 65.5kg x2, but forgot to add an 2.5kg plate on the left side. So did an imbalanced 63kg Snatch instead...

63kg x1, 2nd rep I lost my balance which almost ended badly but managed to keep myself safe...

will need to work a lot on my technique though

Planks (max attempts)

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