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My backs been no quite right for a while,after a month of PT and a week and a half of not being able to load up my spine(so no OLY lifting or squats)or rotational work (grappling, karate or boxing)and it still being sore my physio is getting frustrated as am I and sent me to get an x-ray. He was pretty sure at first it was just soft tissue and joint inflamation, but because it is flaring up really easily he wanted to check i had no early degeneration in my L4,L5,S1 region as this is where the pain is coming from.

Report reads(with a few extras from me)
LUMBOSACRAL SPINE. The disc spaces are intact(so far so good) There is minamal degeneration at the anterosuperior aspect of the body of L2(top front bit of L2, not so good but at least not L4/L5). All other level appear intact (happy about that). No underlying bony abnormality is detected.

Any body out there know what affect degeneration of L2 has? I guessing thats not the reason for my current problem but is anyone has any ideas on how to prevent it getting worse. I love to here them.
I have and X-ray of the same region from about 9 years ago as a result of a similar problem (that time however i was bed riden for about over a week) and degeneration hardly visable, at least to my untrained eye.

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