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Re: Total Knee Replacement

First, talk to your doc and PTs before you do anything! If they give you an uninhibited "go for it," get another opinion. It must be considered that TKR prosthesis aren't going to be as "good" as normal healthy joints.

Just one reference (WFS):

"Other Activities - Walk as much as you like, but remember that walking is no substitute for the exercises your doctor and physical therapist will prescribe. Swimming is also recommended; you can begin as soon as the sutures have been removed and the wound is healed, approximately 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. Acceptable activities include dancing, golfing (with spikeless shoes and a cart), and bicycling (on level surfaces). Avoid activities that put stress on the knee. These activities include: tennis, badminton, contact sports (such as football, baseball), squash or racquetball, jumping, squats, skiing, or jogging. Do not do any heavy lifting (more than 40 lb) or weight lifting."

Another reference (WFS) - See Warnings and Precautions.

Not good news for a CrossFit'er, I know. After you feel like you firmly grasp what's OK and what's more risky, get with a good, creative trainer and I bet you can make a bunch of subs that will still do the job. Much better than ending up with another surgery.

Good luck! Be safe!
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