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Re: Is it imperative to do starting strength when beginning Crossfit?

Originally Posted by Jorge Montesinos View Post
But thats the thing, Most of W.O.D.s that i do are not rx'd. I have to scale most cause so i can get the most of the w.o.d, I can do rx'd but I will be very sloppy and alot of broken sets which takes intensity out the door. The only w.o.d.s that i can think of that was rx'd was doing my first fran 5:12 and cindy 18 rounds.
Whether it feels like it to you or not, it is not your limit strength, but rather your metabolic (aka cardiovascular) and strength-endurance capacities that are slowing you down at this time. Your body can handle the loads, it's just not accustomed to the number of reps and sustaining the loads for 10-20, maybe even 30-45 minutes.

right now, that's what's forcing you to scale. as your metcon improves, you will be able to increase the weight up to Rx'd levels. I can tell you this is true, because your strength numbers are MUCH higher than mine, yet I can do about 2/3 of the WOD's as Rx'd. If I had your strength, it would be a VERY rare WOD that I'd have to scale.

Be patient... keep at it, and in 6 months you'll be putting up some monster times.

And Katherine is absolutely right that the expectation is that sets will often be broken. sometimes broken a lot. If you are sucking wind, your heart is bursting out of your chest, and you're drenched in sweat, the intensity is there, regardless of how broken the sets are.
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