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I mentioned this book in the Stretching thread and wanted to say a bit about it here.

Like I mentioned in the other thread it is written by the folks who did Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival. If you know me at all you know I love that book. This one is better.

A disclaimer-
If you are: conservative, liberal, feminist or standard tree-hugging-hippy-type you are likely to get really really mad at some of the issues raised in this book (i.e. this book has the potential to offend EVERYONE).

The societal implications are huge and very emotionally loaded. I'm afraid that the message here may be lost in the hoopla which is sure to arise. I hope that the base message is conveyed that women’s health has been horribly mismanaged, that some people are getting very wealthy from a huge amount of preventable pain and suffering.

The book is not going to be released until Sept. but I found an advance copy in a used book store. You can as well.
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