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Re: Hours of operation

Originally Posted by Brian Strump View Post
I'm opening an affiliate shortly, and I have 2 trainers, plus myself, however I'm a chiropractor and will probably only be teaching a 3-5 classes/week. The affiliate and doctors office are in the same location.
I know it would be an easier question to answer if I were the main trainer, and putting all my work hours towards the affiliate, but I cannot.
So to start, any suggestions on hours to be open? I know eventually the students will dictate the times that we will be open, but what about from day 1?
I was toying with 8-11am, then 4-7pm; that sounds like alot of class time at the beginning. I plan to pay trainers, $20-25/hr when teaching, and perhaps $10 at the start when there is no one there, but to at least have a body there if someone does come by to check out the box.
When we first open, I want to avoid no one being there when a potential client comes knocking.
Any suggestions?
Brian, contact Eric at CrossFit Fuel. He is a DC and runs 2 CFs. I am sure he can give you some great advise.
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